Land Use and Zoning Lawyers in Key West

Key West is an area of Florida teeming with history and important locations. As one of the oldest cities in the U.S., there are very strict laws that govern the use of land, development and zoning. Developers and other commercial real estate entities may become frustrated by all of the restrictions imposed upon them.

To ensure that you are seeking to develop land or zone an area in a legal manner, turn to our lawyers at Horan, Wallace & Higgins. We have over forty years of experience handling land use, zoning and planning matters in Key West and the surrounding areas. We have thorough knowledge of the restrictions and laws that are in place that govern land development throughout Key West. Using knowledge and experience gained by years of handling these issues, we can help you take the steps necessary in securing the proper permits and documents to begin your real estate development project.

Historic preservation is of high importance in this community. Our firm is proud to be a member of the Key West community and also highly believes in preserving the community’s traditions and historic locations. However, we also believe strongly in businesses being able to zone and develop land in order to grow the local economy.

Our firm also handles more general matters related to commercial real estate and construction law issues as they may pertain to your development project.


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