Dedicated Florida Civil Rights Litigation Attorneys

Generally, civil rights litigation is associated with issues involving governmental interference with federal or state rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Civil rights law is an expansive area that also covers rights guaranteed by state and federal laws, as well as rights guaranteed by the United State Constitution.

Effective Florida Property Rights Lawyers

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals and business that have had their property rights limited by local, state, and federal agencies. Often government regulation that prevents the development, improvement, or transfer of property effectively amounts to an unconstitutional taking. Many Monroe County regulations place significant impediments on development. Our attorneys are prepared to pursue civil rights litigation related to illegal restrictions placed on residential and commercial real estate development.

Protecting Occupational Interests in Florida

Many civil rights cases in Florida involve protection of the occupational interests of commercial fishermen. Laws designed to restrict the catch of state and federal fishery resources to recreational fishing deprive a vast majority of United States citizens from enjoyment of public fishery resources. These state and federal laws often violate the United States Constitution by illegally restricting interstate commerce. At Horan, Wallace & Higgins, LLP, we are committed to helping protect the occupational rights of commercial fishermen.

Civil Rights Lawyers

While we concentrate on civil rights litigation involving property and occupational interests, we have a diverse civil rights practice. Our attorneys handle civil rights cases involving defamation, the First Amendment, and the freedom of travel. We have pursued actions against the government for denying civil rights to our citizens. Our attorneys are not intimidated by local, state or federal government(s) and we will continue to protect and defend the rights of our clients.


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