Renowned Admiralty and Maritime Lawyers

Horan, Wallace & Higgins, LLP, in Key West, Florida, is widely regarded as one of the leading admiralty and maritime law firms in Florida. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of maritime law including the Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act, the National Marine Fisheries and National Marine Sanctuaries Acts, and commercial fishing matters.

Experienced Admiralty Law Attorneys

Widely acknowledged as one of the leading marine salvage attorneys in the United States, David Paul Horan has represented most of the modern American salvors of ancient and/or historic shipwrecks. He handled the seven (7) year litigation involving Mel Fisher Treasure Salvors, Inc.’s ownership of the 1622 Spanish galleon “Atocha” that culminated in a successful oral argument before the United States Supreme Court. He also recently handled a case before the Canadian (Federal) Court. Mr. Horan has been involved in litigation related to the deep-water salvage of numerous vessels and aircraft including:

  • 1784 Spanish Brigantine El Cazador
  • USS Central America
  • RMS Titanic
  • Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1622, 1715 and 1733
  • TBD-1 Devastator, one of the most historic Naval Aircraft known to exist
  • Boeing B-17G aircraft from a lake in Northern Labrador, Canada

In addition to the firm’s work in marine salvage, our admiralty attorneys have significant experience handling matters involving the grounding or collision of vessels. David Paul Horan regularly consults with attorneys from throughout the United States on maritime and admiralty litigation.


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